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Unauthorised Encampments (UAE’s)

The current Bristol City Council protocols together with existing legal frameworks require Bristol City Council to apply welfare checks on all travellers.  This means that it is not possible at this point for traveller incursions to be immediately moved on by Bristol City Council.  However the Impact Assessment made by Bristol City Council immediately following a new UAE dictates the pace of the removal process either through eviction or through Bristol City Council requesting A&S Police to use their powers.  It’s vital that BCC correctly follows its own protocols and involves Affected Residents when making this assessment.

You can directly impact the speed of UAE removal by:

Reporting New Arrivals

Immediately report any new incursions on the Downs as soon as you see them by calling 101 and advise with as much detail as you can.

Reporting anti-social behaviour

Every reported incident of traveller anti-social behaviour increases the likelihood that Bristol City Council will take action. Call 101, the non-emergency police telephone number to do this. You can share photographic or video evidence with the police by emailing it to the local Beat Officer Team using this address

A note about calling 101 to report incidents

It is important to note that the authorities’ principle measure of a community’s frustration and concern with regard to a UAE is the number of calls to non-emergency line 101 that are received.

Avon and Somerset Police has repeatedly stressed that it is not a waste of their time to receive these calls, and UAE-specific Event Logs record all of the details anonymously and without recourse to the complainant.

Avon and Somerset Police has also confirmed that they are better placed to act when they receive details – License Plates, Descriptions, Photographs and Videos etc.  Use the links above to share this information with the police.

Contacting your local councillor

To express your views and to ask what is being done to expedite removal of a traveller incursion. Use this link to find the name of the Councillor for the Ward in which you live

Contact Bristol City Council – Unauthorised Encampments

Operations Centre – 0117 922 2050 –
Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) Team – 0117 922 4272 –

Write to the Downs Committee

Requesting their support in changing the way in which Bristol City Council deals with traveller incursions on the Downs.
Use this email address –

Contact the Mayor

Bristol’s Mayor has a significant level of input into how Bristol City Council deals with travellers. 
E-mail the Mayor to express your concerns and to support our goals –

Write to Darren Jones, our local MP 

In support of the currently proposed legislation and ask him to lobby for its accelerated implementation.
Darren’s email is –


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